Anavar Tablets: Pros And Cons Of Taking It

Anavar is a cutting steroid and it is almost as popular as Winstrol. It is known for being a mild anabolic, which is why people tend to stay away from it when their goal is to bulk up. However, people take it when they want to retail muscle mass while losing weight. If you want to learn more about the pros and cons of this anabolic steroid, then read the rest of this article.

Anavar Pros

The main benefit of using the steroid is it helps burn fat. Once the drug hits your bloodstream, your body will be primed to lose weight quickly. There are not many steroids that work as good as Anavar, when it comes to burning fat.

Unlike many steroids, Anavar preserves muscle as you lose weight and burn fat. If you’ve worked hard to acquire muscle mass, then you want to keep it for as long as possible. This is nearly impossible to do when you go on a cutting cycle. However, Anavar allows you to retain gains while burning fat.

The other two main benefits is it enhances vascularity and increases energy. By the end of an Anavar cycle, you will be ripped and have more energy than you had before starting your cycle.

In short, the main benefits are as followed:

. Burn fat fast
. Preserve muscle
. Enhances vascularity
. Increases energy

Anavar Cons

First of all, the major con is Anavar is considered a controlled substance in the United States. This means it is illegal without a prescription. Not only that, but sports organizations have banned it from being used. If you compete in sports and you are caught using this steroid, then be prepared to deal with serious consequences.

This particular steroid is safer than other anabolics, but it does come with side effects. It suppresses your body’s ability to produce testosterone and your libido will suffer. It will make you feel tired, cause you to breakout with acne and you may start to lose your hair. Sure, you may become ripped, but you won’t look good with no hair and acne all over your face and body.

It’s toxic to your liver and can raise blood pressure and cholesterol levels. As you know, there are many negative consequences you can experience as a result of high cholesterol levels.

To sum up the above, the main cons of Anavar are:

. It’s illegal
. Suppresses testosterone products
. Makes you tired
. Acne
. Hair loss
. Toxic to your liver
. Increase cholesterol levels
. Raise blood pressure levels

Should You Use Anavar

You shouldn’t buy Anavar. Looking for real Anavar for sale is too risky because you have to turn to the black market to find it. If you want to use this steroid, then go Anavar online store and find a legal supplement designed to mimic its effects.

You can easily find legal Anavar online. They are available in pill form and they are easy to take. If you take legal Anavar for at least four weeks and you train hard and eat right, then you will achieve amazing results. If you want to use legal Anavar, then head over to CrazyMass and order a bottle of their legal Anavar supplement.