Winstrol Tablets: The Pros And Cons

Winstrol is the brand of Stanozolol. It is available in both pills and injections. Regardless of the form, Winstrol offers the same benefits. Before you attempt to buy Winstrol, let’s discuss the pros and cons of it.

Winstrol Pros

Winnie is available in tablets, so there’s no need for injections. However, the best thing about the steroid is its ability to help you burn fat. If you want harder, denser and leaner muscles, Winnie can help. It also enhances vascularity, which means you’ll have veins popping out of your muscles and will have the look that bodybuilders are known for having when they step on to stage.

In short, the pros are:

. No injections
. Burn fat fast
. Increases muscle density
. Increases muscle hardness
. Enhances vascularity

Winstrol Cons

For starters, Winnie is not legal. If you buy it and you’re caught, then you can be arrested and charged with being in possession of a controlled substance. Since it is illegal, it is not widely or easily available, which makes it hard to find.

The steroid can lead to depression and mood swings. If you’re already a depressed person or have mood swings, then stay far away from this drug. Not only does it affect your moods, but it can cause some serious damage to your liver.

Acne and baldness are two common side effects experienced by Winnie users. If you care about looking good, then you will want to think twice before touching this stuff.

When you urinate, you may experience a burning sensation and your testicles may not function the way they should be. If you are still growing, the steroid can stunt your growth and it can lead to insomnia.

It doesn’t stop there, as other side effects include high cholesterol levels (the bad kind), joint pain and an increased risk of death. This is because you can suffer liver issues, which may lead to death.

Tips For Using Winstrol

Don’t overdo things. You don’t want to take large doses of it. If you do use Winnie tablets, then don’t exceed 50mg daily, but feel free to only use half of that amount. If you’re new to steroids, then 25mg of Winnie is more than enough to get results. Plus, the less you use, the less likely you will be to suffer from serious side effects.

Should You Use It

No, you should not use this steroid. Like all steroids, it causes both minor and serious side effects. These side effects range from a little bit of body acne all the way to organ failure and even death, which can happen if you abuse it. Sure, Winnie works extremely well but there cons outweigh the pros. Plus, finding real Winnie is not easy and you need a prescription in order to obtain and use it.

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