Truths About Good Fats And Bad Fats

When talking about fats in foods, people tend to instantly think of all the negative effects these food group has on the body. It seems that whatever good it can bring has already been drowned in all of the bad reports. Just like carbohydrates, these nutrients are not all harmful to one’s health. There are those that are needed by the body and there are also those that one should refrain from inclusion in his diet.

There are good and bad types of this macronutrient. It would be wise to know which kind is beneficial, and which is not. However, taking in excessive amounts of whatever type will always result in the accumulation of unwanted pounds.

It is best to take the unsaturated selection of this nutrient. It decreases one’s risks of developing cardiovascular ailments while cholesterol levels are reduced when unsaturated macronutrients are made part of a daily menu. This foodstuff contains high amounts of energy, so one must take lesser amounts of it if he wants to lose weight.

Unsaturated triglycerides come in two types. The polyunsaturated collection is composed of omega 3 oils which are abundant in fish and omega 6 oils which nuts; safflower and soy bean have plenty of. Monounsaturated nourishments are the second classification. It can be found in avocados and nuts like almonds and cashews. Oils derived from olive and coconuts are also good sources of monounsaturated ingredients.

One must be wary of which foods contain saturated components. Packed items that everyone cannot stay away from like sweet treats, pastries, crackers, biscuits, and chips are ridden with saturated ingredients. Those mouth-watering burgers and Friday-night best companion pizzas are highly saturated. Also, take it easy on animal-based products like cheese, margarine, cream and butter. Processed meats, chicken skin and blubbery parts of lamb, beef and pork must also be avoided to prevent elevated blood cholesterol amounts and any damage to the heart.

Unsaturated lipids that have undergone hydrogenation are unhealthy. These are better known as trans-fatty ingredients. They are damaging to one’s cholesterol levels leading to cardiovascular problems. It would be best to stay away from margarine and packed foodstuff containing these substances.

It is a choice between the beneficial and the disastrous. Taking triglycerides in their safe forms and acceptable quantities is a better meal recipe. Having the discipline to shy away from those tempting fried dishes and savory sweet delights will ultimately be worth it.